Decisions, Decisions!

The days have flown by, and now your son or daughter is ready to embark on the next phase of their journey to become an adult. It’s hard to believe. The moment is at hand!

Now what?

The choices are crucial. The discussions may become heated. Occasionally there may be disagreements on direction. The decisions loom large…Trade School, Community College, Military, University or maybe “none of the above”.

What is a parent to do? How can you help guide your child to become their best self?

iWorkZone offers you a free Talent Selfie™ and career exploration tool to give you unbiased guidance on:

  1. Who your child is and how they are “wired”
  2. Possible career path options, with varying levels of educational requirements
  3. Current job openings to match his or her accurate assessment

Our science is validated, with over 95% accuracy. What’s more, the Talent Selfie is actually fun to take! All answers are correct, just be honest. In the end you will have a report and tools to help make informed decisions that will benefit your son or daughter for their whole life.

Start today! Click here to begin.