“In addition to increased enrollment, now we also have to find creative ways to pay for unfunded mandates…” WH, School Administrator

iWorkZone is offering a solution for one of the required services facing educators today – mandatory assessments. For students the Talent Selfie™ is offered for no cost. For schools and universities, we provide access to our assessment and career exploration tools for a modest cost. You have access to the most accurate and reliable assessment science available. Contact us for a free demo.

We are able to empower your students with these tools, in large part, because of our generous Corporate Sponsors.

As you know, today’s job market is increasingly competitive. Our partners are seeking motivated students who are “wired” to perform specific jobs. The education is up to you – the career path is up to them. They have learned that recruiting for star employees is very much like recruiting top athletes: it should start early.

Contact iWorkZone to learn how your school will benefit from having a targeted approach in place for your students.