Insight. Clarity. Assurance.

Today’s educational professionals live in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. Students are under pressure to perform during testing and make long-lasting career choices, sometimes, with limited information.

Welcome to the world of iWorkZone for Educators!

iWorkZone analytics and assessments are objective and insightful to help your students confidently choose career and educational options that are the most suited to their unique abilities and talents.

The Educator’s Toolkit Offers:

  • A personalized Career Coaching Report which enables access to student’s Career Exploration Tools where you will gain insight into how to best advise them.
  • Explore a variety of career options with varying levels of educational requirements, based on active jobs and government-generated data.
  • Students see their real-time match to existing top performers in current jobs at actual companies.
  • The iWorkZone assessment is appropriate for students as early as middle school, High School through Grad School.

Post-Secondary Recruiters and Specialized Certifications:

  • Using the iWorkZone science will focus your contact on individuals to offer specific degrees or certifications they have been assessed to match. (additional fees apply for this optional service)
  • Increase retention, completion and overall graduation and placement by predicting success even before you begin the recruitment process.

The iWorkZone Talent Selfie is free for students, job seekers, schools or any non-profit engaged in career guidance and job development. iWorkZone makes this system available as part of our social engagement philosophy in cooperation with our Corporate Sponsors.

Advantages for Educators and Staff:

  • Gain clarity on what actually motivates your student or recruit.
  • Confidently understand how to communicate effectively with them.
  • Recognize which post-secondary programs and courses of study will benefit each person and help guide them to success.

Be Smart

The iWorkZone Talent Selfie™ has the highest predictive validation in the industry. Plus, you and your students receive clear, simple, self-interpreting reports upon completion. In addition, connect to real employers and actual jobs nationwide.
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